Steve Kaliski
👋 I am Steve Kaliski, an engineer and entrepreneur based in NYC. I love building tools to help people do their jobs. I currently work at Stripe. Below are some recent projects I've worked on and posts I've written.


🚧 Incidentapp

Slack app for coordinating and respond to downtime, outages, and other situations. Used by nearly 500 teams. Featured in the Slack App Marketplace as "New and Noteworthy."

🔮 inferossgolang

Execute TensorFlow inferences on images and more in Go.

📌 pinnedossgolang

Date based versioning system for Go HTTP APIs.

📸 abideossgolang

A snapshot testing library for Go.

🔢 numbers.jsossjavascript

Advanced Math library for JavaScript.


Who do we write code for?

November 08, 2019

No matter the language, framework, or environment in which your code is being written, it has an audience. Typically, when we think of…

Platform Exploration

August 31, 2019

In a world with so many disconnected tools, there’s a battle to become the center of the workflow. And how’re companies approaching this…

Engineering Values as Documentation

August 27, 2019

As engineers we think about documentation quite a bit. The README in our repositories. The comments we leave in our code. The wiki for a…

How to Future-proof your Go API

April 27, 2018

Building and launching an API is great. Maintaining, not so much. I’ll review a number of popular API versioning patterns and their Go…

Maintaining API Versions in Go

February 14, 2018

This past weekend I spent some time working on a proof-of-concept system for building, maintaining, and testing versioned APIs in Go. It’s…

abide: A new testing utility for Go APIs

September 25, 2017

abide: to accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation. Today we’re open sourcing abide, a Go testing utility for…

A weekend of ARKit Hacking

August 29, 2017

This post is way overdue. Whoops. I spent the 4th of July weekend trying to mash two of my favorite things together: Programming 💻 Running…

Develop Development

January 29, 2014

The LAMP stack is starting to get a bit dusty; modern applications are growing vastly more complex, gearing towards service oriented…